Beautify Your Stairs

Beautify Your Stairs

Beautify your stairs with unique stair treads and risers options from Zoroufy and EZTREAD

Sometimes the traditional ‘wall to wall carpet’ look on a set of stairs is not desired. There are many options other than settling for simple hardwood treads. Two of these options will be discussed below.


The first option is to use Zoroufy Rods to beautify the installation of a carpet ‘runner’. A runner is a length of carpet that does not cover the entire tread or riser from side to side, leaving a ‘reveal’ of the wood under the riser on both sides of the steps.

beautify your stairs


rods are secured with screws where the back of the tread meets the riser and come in many different styles and materials. While the rod is mostly decorative today, this was not always the case. The rods were first used to secure the runner to the stairs and could be loosened in order to move the runner up or down to spread the wear more evenly. Today, installers recommend securing the runner with other means.


Another method of beautifying stairs is to use a product from EZTREAD.

EZTREAD manufactures and distributes domestic and exotic hardwood stair treads (steps) and risers in a variety of species, sizes and colors. We were the first to develop the staircase refacing concept and specialize in our EZTREAD Staircase Refacing System® with more than 20 years of experience in the industry.”

This product is used to reface stairs that maybe once had carpet or have worn so much they can not be refinished. The manufacturer states that EZTREAD is not a thin veneer but a solid hardwood re-facing system. The company is located in New Castle Delaware and can easily be installed by the homeowner or an installer. If you are a Do-It-Yourselfer, the product comes with easy to follow instructions!

Either of the above options are great for homeowners who no longer want the look of wall to wall carpet on their stairs, but are not necessarily the only options. Traditional removal and replacement of the existing stairs can also change the look and feel of a set of steps but this would be the most time consuming and expensive option.


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