Carpet Installation Downingtown

carpet installation Downingtown

Professional Carpet Installation in Downingtown PA

Are you dreading having to measure, cut, and install new carpeting, only to hope that no one notices you did it yourself? For a professional job done well, you need to contact our experts for carpet installation. Save yourself the time, effort, worry, and headache that installing your own carpet can bring. Installing your own wall-to-wall carpet is an undertaking you might want to think twice about. Besides being especially hard on your knees and back, wherever you mess up will be painfully obvious to every onlooker.

The Best Carpet Installation

Perhaps you want to save money. But after making trips to multiple stores around Downingtown before installing carpet, including renting specialized equipment, and purchasing carpet samples and making your final carpet choice, carpet installation could be much more costly than you originally expected. Even a small mess up can require you to start from scratch and maybe end up costing you more than getting your carpet installed professionally.

Benefits of Professional Carpet Installation over DIY

Carpet installation is more intricate and requires more steps than you might have anticipated. Here is a summary of all the steps needed to get ready for new carpet installation:

  1. Remove moldings around the floor
  2. Clean & cut up your old carpet
  3. Pull up the old carpet, including tackless strips
  4. Examine subfloor
  5. Repair any loose floorboards
  6. Carefully install new tackless strips
  7. Measure room dimensions
  8. Cut up the underpadding
  9. Install the underpad
  10. Duct tape or seal seams in underpad

Whew! That sounds like a lot of work and you haven’t even started laying down the new carpet yet! It’s no wonder why so many residents trust in us to take care of this complex undertaking. With our years of experience, trained and skilled installers, and dedicated to excellent customer service, you will be glad you turned to us first for your carpet installation needs.

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